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New book – “Learning Veeam Backup & Replication for VMware vSphere”

I have received this book as a free review sample, with the only requirement that I would write a review of it here on my blog and post short reviews of it on amazon.com, goodreads.com and a few other book sites. These should be unbiased and I was in no way obligated to write positive reviews.

The title of this book hits it right on the spot, it teaches the reader what you need to know and is very instructional and a great guide to start up a Veeam project.

Starting of with a background understanding of backup concepts, from the start it seems to be a self teaching tutorial with walkthrough guides for the basic concepts and a great explanation for the more advanced topics, this book is a perfect match if you are starting up or investigating a backup solution for your virtual infrastructure.

I’ve been working with Veeam for a bit the last couple of months and the book cleared a few concepts for me and also gave me ideas on how to make even more out of our current setup and what is needed of infrastructure to make this happen. Thumbs up to Christian Mohn for this title, which certainly will be near by when I’m messing around with the Veeam setup! 🙂

Here is a link to Packt Publishing which are the publishers, find it as ebook or physical

E744 – quick glance

I’ve had the opportunity to get my fingers on the new Fujitsu Lifebook E744.
As an update to the E743, the E744 is much like the E743 in design but the hardware has been updated to 4th generation Core i-series(Intel Haswell)

This series of 13,14 and 15″ models, share almost anything but screen size and the ports that have been put on the outside of the chassis.
You can use the same port replicators, modular bays(2nd battery or harddrive and a few other accessory options) and AC adaptor.

I’ve had this for just a few hours and I have already got an opionion on what I think about the design – for starters, the model I am using is an i7
model (i7-4600M) and this I am aware is part of the reason that I think it is too noisy when I am working on battery. It has a distinct noise coming from
the CPU fan, which I don’t think I would be OK with for a permanent solution. I would hope that using an i5 CPU instead, would make this noise
go away. Even just having notepad and Windows Update running, can make it go from “idle”-noisy mode to spinning up significantly, which just increases
the noise and makes it not OK. I found that running absolutely no applications, will turn the fan off and then the noise is gone – but that’s hopefully not how people are using this laptop…

Here is an example

The keyboard I am enjoying quite a lot, coming from an old Lifebook S762 model, this new style with spaces between the keys is working great, which
is probably why so many vendors adopted to this design over the last few years. Although as can be seen on the picture of my keyboard, after only an hour or so active typing, it already has
moisture stains from my fingers, this could and will probably result in the letters disappearing from the keys over the 3-4 year use period, such a laptop like this should get. This I am looking
forward to seeing if it happens in “real life” usage. Fujitsu has managed to not let any letters out on the keyboard layout and did not put any keys in weird places like some vendors do.

As I’ve only worked on the screen for a few hours, I can’t go into details about the quality, other than I think it’s the same make as the previous E7x3 model, and again coming
from the S762 13″ 1368×768 this is a great improvement for me personally. The viewing angle and colors seem fine to me.


The speakers are on top of the keyboard, and as an office laptop this is probably not the most important part to many, but it has fair sound.

Here is an example:

Regarding battery time I think it will get around 3-4 hours working actively, but I am not sure about this as it went a lot up and down in just the first couple of hours I was working on it.

As always, if you have any questions, please leave a comment and I’ll try to get back to you.

Nokia E52 – test/review efter ½ dag

Denne nye flotte erhvervsmobil fra Nokia er en værdig efterfølger til E51. Den er blevet hurtigere og softwaren er blevet opdateret til den nye Symbian S60v3 Feature Pack 2, som blandt andet giver Nokia Messaging platformen, som jeg har skrevet knap så pænt om her på bloggen tidligere… Dog vil jeg sige at det ser ud til at virke på denne mobil – det kan måske være pga. den hurtigere processor der er at finde i denne mobil. Den nye software prøver også at gøre det mere attraktivt at bruge multimedia på mobilen, men den slags skal Nokia lade være med at forsøge sig med – det er rodet og kejtet at bladre igennem billederne og de fancy effekter der er når man bladrer i billeder hakker…

MEN – som telefon/mailmodtager, der virker E52, og da det jo er det primære denne mobil er tænkt til så må den få over middel karakter men ikke helt i top…

Det er stadig for svært at få interessante programmer, i forhold til Android og Iphone er Ovi Store flere lysår bagud, dog måske på omgangshøjde med Windows Mobile Marketplace(som jeg ikke har prøvet endnu men hørt lidt om rundt omkring)… Mærkeligt at der ikke er mere udvikling på dette område når det er den mest udbredte mobilplatform i verden?