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Syncing Vivofit 3 with Huawei P10 Lite

Just a short tip – as my wife just bought the activity band Garmin Vivofit 3 and tried to sync it with her new Huawei P10 Lite phone. In the pairing process it seemed to work, but the display on the device didn’t change to the design she chose during setup. Also when looking in the app it didn’t display a “Last synchronized” time…

After both resetting the Vivofit and the mobile it still didn’t work correctly, I got permission to join the troubleshooting 🙂

Since she just created her Garmin account and I don’t use one, I thought, let’s give it a shot on my Honor 8 mobile, a little older, but still pretty much like her new shiny p10 lite. After removing the Vivofit from her app(and turning off bluetooth on her mobile?) it wanted to be added to my Garmin app. On my mobile the setup went right through and looked a lot better and the display design changed, but I think the important part was that it now discovered a firmware update. Once it had updated, I removed it from my app and uninstalled it. Then I tried connecting it to her P10 lite and this time it went through correctly and the display design changed to her preference and syncing seems to work.

Apple Wireless Keyboard connected to HP laptop

Finally got my new Apple Wireless Keyboard working with my HP 2540p laptop. One “small” little trick did the job, I use an external USB bluetooth dongle – a noname cheap one I had in my drawer that I haven’t used for years. After a lot of unsuccesful tries with the HP integrated bluetooth module, the keyboard connects just fine but disconnects quickly without installing as an input device, and services tab under device properties shows no available bluetooth services. I thought I was out of luck getting the keyboard to work, but since both my iPhone and my Samsung Galaxy Tab running Android both connected just fine to the keyboard, I guessed it was something about the module. This irritates me a lot, since I now have to bring my USB BT dongle if I want to use the keyboard with my HP laptop. I searched a lot of forums, and most posts mentioned how it just works out of the box with Windows 7, most problems were funny enough had when running Windows XP/Vista/7 inside Boot Camp.

[UPDATE] Same bluetooth dongle works under Ubuntu Linux, set up took under 1 minute from plugging in the BT dongle. Tried another old MSI Bluetooth dongle and it didn’t work. It’s found by Ubuntu, the keyboard is also found afterwards and connects, but as with the HP module the input doesn’t work. If I remember correctly the working BT dongle is a low-priced Trendnet dongle.

[UPDATE 2(4 months later)] Just tested the keyboard again with the built-in dongle and now it works in Windows 7, I’ve recently added the Service Pack 1 and I probably also updated whatever was available from the HP driver section. So now I am happy happy happy 🙂