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Syncing Vivofit 3 with Huawei P10 Lite

Just a short tip – as my wife just bought the activity band Garmin Vivofit 3 and tried to sync it with her new Huawei P10 Lite phone. In the pairing process it seemed to work, but the display on the device didn’t change to the design she chose during setup. Also when looking in the app it didn’t display a “Last synchronized” time…

After both resetting the Vivofit and the mobile it still didn’t work correctly, I got permission to join the troubleshooting 🙂

Since she just created her Garmin account and I don’t use one, I thought, let’s give it a shot on my Honor 8 mobile, a little older, but still pretty much like her new shiny p10 lite. After removing the Vivofit from her app(and turning off bluetooth on her mobile?) it wanted to be added to my Garmin app. On my mobile the setup went right through and looked a lot better and the display design changed, but I think the important part was that it now discovered a firmware update. Once it had updated, I removed it from my app and uninstalled it. Then I tried connecting it to her P10 lite and this time it went through correctly and the display design changed to her preference and syncing seems to work.

First trip to the US

I recently got the opportunity to visit the US for a week, because I had to do a small server room upgrade on our location in California. The trip was OK’ed 1½ week before we left, so I didn’t have the time to get super-too-much-excited, which could have happened because I wanted to see the US my entire life. We planned the trip to last a week, starting Friday, this way we could get the work pretty much done over the weekend. This way we didn’t disturb the users and we could get a little spare time later in the week to go around and play tourist for a couple of days.

Total travel time was:
1,5 hour from Billund (BLL) to Frankfurt (FRA)
10,5 hour from Frankfurt (FRA) to Los Angeles (LAX)

Really didn’t feel as long as I expected, there was lots of entertainment in the in-seat monitor, around 40 movies new and old. I also brought my laptop onboard and was happy to see that Lufthansa offers WiFi the entire flight at €17.

We landed in LA at 1.30pm and waited around half an hour for our US colleague that was coming to pick us up. A little tip, don’t send someone that doesn’t have international calling enabled to pick up international colleagues Smile We found each other through SMS to another US colleague, which who was in contact with the driver.

First days onsite was just a quick visit to pick up the company car we were borrowing. We went straight to the hotel to unpack and relax after a fairly long trip. After a little relax-time, we went to Hooters Restaurant, which was conveniently placed on the same address as our hotel.

We arrived on Halloween Friday, so all the waitresses were dressed up and we had to give our vote for the best, unfortunately Kitty didn’t win Smile There were also a few customers that came dressed up (Grim Reaper, Doctor/Apprentice and a runaway prison inmate) and Grim Reaper won – I wouldn’t have wanted to meet him outside.

Saturday and Sunday we were working at the factory. We had ordered all the new parts on Amazon and saved around 50% compared to list price. When I took apart the HP Gen8 servers, I noticed that we had been a little too cheap when we originally configured them and I was missing the cache module for the Smart Array Controller. Luckily we found it on Ebay and got it ordered with expedited transport and were promised a delivery on Tuesday. The best part was that we got a Synology DS415+ that we were going to use as a destination for Veeam, and because we got this filled up with 3TB drives, I could create a temporary iSCSI datastore for the new VMware hosts, so I could go on with P2Vs that I had planned. It was performing just fine during all the migrations, up until we got Veeam configured and ran the backup job…It completely killed the performance on the VMs.

Another detail that scared me at first when I started the first P2V was that the speed was extremely slow, the servers had been performing fine as far as I had seen, but this was 1MB/sec migration, which was not going to go well when I had several hundred GB to move, so I stopped the first P2V and added another LAN cable and connected it to our new network, this accelerated the performance to around 30-40MB/sec, which I could accept. I found out that the old network switch these servers had been connected to was to blame for this, as all the old servers had this issue.

When Sunday late afternoon arrived, we were done with P2V and migrated all files from old physical file-server to the new virtual, printers were moved and Domain controller switched from physical to virtual. All of this on the Synologys 3x3TB SATA drives. This was OK as a backup solution until the cache module would arrive, luckily the users weren’t heavy users and they weren’t that many.

Both Saturday and Sunday, we visited the Westfield shopping mall in Encinida, where I saw my first Apple Store. This was quite the experience. The shop was bigger than other shops, but there was just always filled with people and the experience buying items was just as WOW as you would expect. The only complaint was that the clerk was selling me a 85$ case for the iPad Air 2, and even though we tried it on and I took it home, I found out that it didn’t fit because Apple moved the volume buttons on the Air 2 compared to the original Air. This was something I didn’t notice when we tried the case on the new Air 2, but I would have thought that an Apple Sales guy should know this difference between generations. After our first trip to Westfield we stopped on the way home at an In-And-Out Burger, I have heard great things about these guys, mostly through following VMworld attendees on twitter Smile I wouldn’t say I was disappointed, as you can only expect a certain gastronomical experience for 5$ worth of burger and fries. All in all it’s just something I had to try and now I have. The second night we found “The Cheesecake factory” restaurant located in the mall and here we got quite another experience with great food and beer from the semi-local Karl Strauss Brewery. We opted for a table outside because we had arrived fairly early and didn’t yet know that the warm weather disappears just as fast as the sunlight, so around 5.30 the temperature goes down fast. This meant it was pretty chilly sitting outside for an hour in our shorts and t-shirts Disappointed smile

Monday we were at the factory, to be there if we somehow missed a setting or anything else – this was afterall a pretty different setup than the PCs had been using on Friday. We got almost no user issues on Monday so we agreed to take Tuesday morning off and just arrive after lunch, to wait for the cache module delivery.

We used Tuesday morning to visit the USS Midway museum in San Diego. This is just a lot bigger than one can imagine! A lot of airplanes was showed off on deck and inside. It was just a great experience and we managed to find our way through the ship.
2014-11-24 16_44_15-WP_20141104_11_55_10_Pro.jpg - Windows Photo Viewer 2014-11-24 16_45_31-WP_20141104_12_12_49_Pro.jpg - Windows Photo Viewer 2014-11-24 16_46_10-WP_20141104_12_23_05_Pro.jpg - Windows Photo Viewer

When we arrived at the factory the cache had arrived and here the power of VMware showed off, with me putting in the new hardware in one server at a time and being able to run 100% without users noticing. After the new hardware was added I was able to build the HP VSA setup and moving the VMs over to the new clustered VSA datastore. All this was done without a single user noticing that their entire infrastructure was “rebuilt” and “moved”.

As the only thing we had to do from then on was migrating from the temporary Synology datastore to the permanent VSA datastore, we didn’t need to be at the factory but could do this from the nearest Starbucks Smile So Wednesday and Thursday were going to be spent outside the office, sightseeing.

Wednesday was our trip to LA, which was the real sightseeing trip, seeing the Hollywood sign from the Griffith Observatory,
2014-11-24 16_39_45-IMG_0164.JPG - Windows Photo Viewer
going to Venice Beach and took a walk on the boardwalk.
2014-11-24 16_48_17-Wunderlist Beta    2014-11-24 16_48_37-Wunderlist Beta2014-11-24 16_48_58-WP_20141105_15_40_12_Panorama.jpg - Windows Photo Viewer

We found out why the local people always referred to things in San Diego in stead, when we asked for sights and places to go, we spent around 4-5 hours on the road because the traffic is dense in LA, very dense!
2014-11-24 16_52_11-WP_20141105_16_28_46_Pro.jpg - Windows Photo Viewer

Thursday was our trip to San Diego, starting in La Jolla with fantastic weather and a great coffee, it was going to be a great day. We went on a walk along and on the beach, where the sea lions acted up as if they’re used to be taken pictures of.
2014-11-24 16_41_54-IMG_0202.JPG - Windows Photo Viewer
From La Jolla we drove to Old Town and enjoyed a bit of old history and sights. From Old town we went to Mission Beach and took a walk here and looked at apartments just off the beach, which were around $100 pr. night, then we went to the nearest Starbucks to get ready for the drive home.

All in all a great experience on what to see in the neighborhood of LA. The weather was amazing and I could get used to that pretty fast!

Friday we went to the factory to turn in the car and get a ride to LAX to fly home. At LAX security they hired a security guy which must be a former Stand Up comedian, he was crazy funny and got people to hear the messages about how the scanners worked and what we should do before and when entering them. This made what is normally a pretty boring experience really fun and quick, big thumbs up to LAX.

The trip home was over Frankfurt and everything went smooth, so arrived on time in Billund and it was great to see the family again!

New book – “Learning Veeam Backup & Replication for VMware vSphere”

I have received this book as a free review sample, with the only requirement that I would write a review of it here on my blog and post short reviews of it on, and a few other book sites. These should be unbiased and I was in no way obligated to write positive reviews.

The title of this book hits it right on the spot, it teaches the reader what you need to know and is very instructional and a great guide to start up a Veeam project.

Starting of with a background understanding of backup concepts, from the start it seems to be a self teaching tutorial with walkthrough guides for the basic concepts and a great explanation for the more advanced topics, this book is a perfect match if you are starting up or investigating a backup solution for your virtual infrastructure.

I’ve been working with Veeam for a bit the last couple of months and the book cleared a few concepts for me and also gave me ideas on how to make even more out of our current setup and what is needed of infrastructure to make this happen. Thumbs up to Christian Mohn for this title, which certainly will be near by when I’m messing around with the Veeam setup! 🙂

Here is a link to Packt Publishing which are the publishers, find it as ebook or physical

Tomtom Multi-sport watch

I’ve had the TomTom Multi-sport watch for almost a week now and I’ve done a run and a few bike rides with it.
It is truly the simplest interface I can imagine for a watch that connects to heart rate belt and speed/cadence sensor, when these are turned on on the watch, it is simply pressing 2 times to the right on the joystick and then you’re good to go.

The PC interface to it is also very easy to set up and get what you need from. I am uploading my workouts to and exporting the workout to a .tcx file to be able to import it into Endomondo, which has been my preferred tracker for a long time. The reason I am also uploading to TomTom is that all metrics that the watch can record are shown here, some features like showing heart rate zones pr. workout is a premium feature in Endomondo and I don’t feel like I need the extended feature set that premium brings at a cost.

I’ve had small issues with the set up of the watch. First set up seemed to be fine and updated the firmware, but suddenly the clock was off by years and time shortly after…This corrected itself by connecting/syncing the watch with the PC. The workout I did, had the correct date/time anyway, so I don’t know exactly what happened here.

Next issue came when I set up the speed/cadence sensor, it wouldn’t connect to the watch. The sensor icon on the watch was flashing and that meant no connection. After a quick search, this apparently seemed to be a standard issue, that was solved with a factory reset of the watch, through the PC software. This was a 5 minute thing, but after this I noticed that things changed in the interface, so I am not sure that the before mentioned firmware update ever was applied to the watch. Now when I do a bike ride, I have to hold the left-button down for a few seconds when pausing and stopping a workout, before this was just a one-click thing.

Today when I synchronized the latest workouts everything went smooth until I disconnected the watch, it just showed the charging screen on the watch and this didn’t go away…again this was solved by simply connecting the watch to the sync again and then disconnecting, then everything was fine.

I hope these issues will stop happening because this is a really nice watch and the pricing is hard to better with any other watch that has the same feature set. Be sure to buy the complete bundle, this is the only version which has the altimeter built-in, Tomtom does a really poor job on showing that this is only in this version as the watch is otherwise completely the same as the other Multi-sport versions.

I am eagerly awaiting the Android app that is coming later this year hopefully and also maybe a direct integration with the Endomondo website.

Let me know if you have any questions about the watch and I will be happy to answer them.

Fed musiker – uden hjælp fra store labels

Jeg faldt for ca. 1 års tid siden over Kina Grannis på Youtube, en ung pige fra New York som sidder i sin lejlighed og optager/spiller cover-numre og egne numre. Hun synger fantastisk og hun kan få de fleste numre udført akustisk mindst lige så godt som de kendte versioner med band. Nu 1 år senere, har hun lige udgivet sin egen cd, med egne numre, helt uden hjælp fra nogen musik-selskaber. Og bare ved hjælp af hendes fans på Youtube/Twitter/Facebook kom hun ind på plads nr. 138 på den amerikanske Billboard Top200 efter den første uge. Albummet kan købes som download hos Itunes/Amazon/Emusic men det mest utrolige er at det kun kan købes fysisk via hendes eget website (, hvor hun også video-blogger(vLogger) jævnligt og hvor man kan høre meget af hendes musik. Det er nytænkning og udnyttelse af de sociale medier til perfektion, og jeg må sige jeg ønsker hende en lang og stor karriere, så længe hun selv styrer showet.

Så her følger et par links til musikken og pigen bag:

Google Android App "Listen"

Så fandt jeg lige et nyt program til at abonnere på podcasts på HTC Magic: Google Listen

Jeg har tidligere brugt programmet Podcasts og det har virket ok, dog ikke så automatisk opdaterende som jeg havde håbet og lidt for simpelt integreret i Android systemet.

Nu har Google så selv lavet et program til dette, og det ser ud til at være super godt udført. Det er helt integreret i Android, som en permanent notification man ikke kan fjerne, så længe man afspiller en podcast. Samtidig afspiller den podcasten internt i programmet, i stedet for bare at åbne lydfilen i den indbyggede lydafspiller i Android, jeg forventer at dette gør at den bedre kan huske hvis man stopper podcasten midt i det hele og gerne vil resume det samme sted senere.

Noget andet jeg synes er smart er at den laver en kø til dig med de podcasts den har downloadet, så den udvider køen efterhånden som der kommer nye afsnit, og fjerner aflyttede podcasts fra køen.

Jabra Biz2400 USB-Bluetooth Stereo headset review

Så har jeg haft et af ovenstående Jabra headset på prøve. Det må siges at have været en næsten 100% positiv oplevelse. Det er uovertruffen lyd i forhold til hvad jeg tidligere har hørt af lyd fra headsets, specielt i forhold til andre Bluetooth headsets.
Det der specielt har imponeret, er at man kan have headsettet koblet til PC’en og til mobilen samtidig, og så sørger den for at skifte til den source, man skal bruge den. Det eneste der kan drille er hvis man bruger headsettet til at høre musik, så kan den ikke automatisk koble over til den anden enhed, hvis den ringer, da den tror at man bruger bluetooth på den første enhed. Men hvis man som jeg har headsettet for at kunne bruge en softphone på PC’en, så skifter den uden indblanding fra mig over til mobilen, hvis mobilen ringer. Hvis så min softphone ringer lige efter jeg er færdig på mobilen, så skifter den bare derover med det samme…

Jeg ved ikke om det har noget med mobilen at gøre, men må hellere skrive at det er en HTC Magic, så om det er på grund af bluetooth kernen på Android er så ny at det virker så problemfrit – det ved jeg desværre ikke, men det er meget imponerende, når man ved hvor meget det kan drille når man har det samme headset koblet på forskellige enheder.

Det eneste jeg har fundet “negativt” ved headsettet indtil videre, er at folk jeg snakker med over min softphone på PC’en siger jeg snakker lavt, undtagen hvis jeg næsten sluger mikrofonen, så bliver det ok – jeg har tjekket samtlige indstillinger jeg kan finde i Windows, Jabra PC Suite og Softphone’en og der er ikke flere steder jeg kan skrue op for mikrofonen. Jeg har ikke fået noget kommentarer når jeg har ringet via min mobil, så jeg tror kun det er igennem softphone’en der er et problem.
Headsettet er forresten Microsoft OC certificeret, så det er klingende klart til Office Communicator 🙂 men det har jeg ikke testet.

Men på en skala fra 1-10, er dette headset på en klar 9 – og der skulle vist komme nye produkter fra Jabra om et par måneder hvor efterfølgeren kommer til Biz2400 – så det bliver spændende hvad de kan videreudvikle på dette vidunder 🙂

Jolicloud – Alpha test

Så har jeg langt om længe fået min invitation til alpha testen af et nye “OS” til netbooks. Når jeg skriver “OS” er det nok mest fordi at det bare er en Ubuntu med en fin skal udenpå, der gør det mere egnet til netbooks. Denne tilretning er nu lige præcis nok til at jeg vil anbefale den til de som kører så meget så muligt via webbaserede tjenester som Gmail, twitter og Facebook. Alle sådanne “applikationer” er der lavet customized versioner af til Jolicloud som man kan finde i en oversigt over programmer der kommer frem når man starter computeren op første gang. Den måde det fungerer på er at Jolicloud folkene har lavet deres eget “lille” management/kontrolpanel, som gør at man kan tjekke for opdateringer til Jolicloud/Ubuntu separat, og installere de programmer som Jolicloud har klargjort. Man skal på intet tidspunkt gøre noget i Terminal-programmet eller andre steder som man så tit skal når man kører på en Linux-distro for at få alle enheder til at virke. Af samme årsag er der også lavet en kompabilitets-liste over hvilke netbooks Jolicloud understøtter og “supporterer” (via Twitter)
Programmer er lavet via et Firefox plugin der hedder Prism, det gør at man kan gemme web-tjenesten som en applikation og nøjes med kun at se selve webindholdet og ikke adresselinjen og andet der normalt vises i en browser, dette gør at indholdet passer bedre til de små skærme der findes på netbooks.

Jeg kører det i øjeblikket på min Acer Aspire One, som jeg tidligere har kørt både Ubuntu 8.04, Windows XP og Windows 7 på, og jeg må sige at responstiden er kanon, men da der næsten heller ikke ligger noget indhold på laptoppen udover Firefox så giver det måske lidt sig selv. For ikke at skræmme dem væk der ind imellem bruger office-pakken, så kan man installere OpenOffice pakken igennem Jolicloud-systemet også.

Jeg glæder mig til at se hvor lang tid der går inden jeg begynder at mangle noget offline indhold 🙂 Med hensyn til fx. Gmail og Google Reader er de “optimerede” med Google Gears, så man kan hente indholdet ned på pc’en så det kan læses mens man er offline.

Outlook plugins

Så har jeg lige en lille blog omkring Outlook plugins, jeg har i den seneste tid haft et par stykker installeret til forskellige formål og her kommer en lille anmeldelse af de forskellige.


Dette er et must-plugin for Power Outlook-brugere(som undertegnede) i beskrivelsen af plugin’et står der at det er et must hvis man har mere end 30.000 mails i sin mailbox, alene det bør nemlig betyde at man bruger Outlook en hel del 🙂
Xobni gør flere ting:
– Indeksering
– Integrerer Facebook/LinkedIN for at finde profiler/billeder af dine kontakter
– Samler alt tidligere kommunikation/filer med den kontakt du skriver mails til i ét oversigtbillede, mens du kan se Inbox.
– “Rank’er” dine kontakter, så du kan se hvor meget du kommunikerer med den enkelte kontakt, og hvornår på dagen du får hurtigst svar.

Som sagt er Xobni et must hvis du bruger Outlook meget og mere er der vist ikke at sige.
Find download her

Xiant Filer:

Et helt nyt plugin der lige er kommet i Public Beta ca. 20. juni 2009, det er et af Microsoft-stifter Paul Allens firmaer der står bag. Men det er et niche-plugin, som kan bruges af folk der arbejder meget projekt-orienteret eller kunde-orienteret, da det gør at man kan oprette “topics” til sine mails, og i løbet af kort tid begynder plugin’et at lære hvordan du kategoriserer dine mails og foreslår herefter selv hvilket topic du skal sortere mailen under. Jeg har selv afinstalleret plugin igen, da jeg arbejder på mange forskellige små-projekter og enkelte store projekter, og derfor kan jeg ikke sidde at oprette topics hele tiden, og søgefunktionen i Xobni/eller Outlooks indbyggede gør det nemt for mig at finde de mails jeg søger. Find download her


Så kom den, integrationen mellem Twitter og Outlook, så du kan se din Twitter-timeline direkte i Outlook, som man jo alligevel har åben hele tiden. Udover det kan man også lave søgninger på hele Twitter og smide resultaterne i deres egen mappe i Outlook, så man har dem til senere gennemlæsning, og søgningen fortsætter med at opdatere sig med resultater lige så længe man har den kørende. Hele ens timeline bliver også lagt i en folder, så man bliver ikke forstyrret af update’s løbende, men kan selv bestemme hvornår man vil læse dem. Plugin’et kan bestemt anbefales. Find download her


Måske mere et program end et plugin, men den finder billeder på dine Kontakter i Outlook via din Facebook-konto, kræver vist at man er venner med sine Kontakter. Find download her

Test – Anmeldelse af HTC Magic

Så fik jeg en HTC Magic i hus! og jeg har leget med den siden jeg fik den!

Det man først ligger mærke til at den bare er skabt til nettet. Browseren i den er mindst lige så god som Iphones Safari.
Man skal dog sørge for at have et WiFi i nærheden, da den hurtigt sluger adskillige MB’s, så det er ikke uden grund at de anbefaler at man køber telefonen sammen med et dataabonnement.

Næste fede ting er Markets (App Store) her finder man alskens programmer, nogle nyttige andre knap så bevendte.

Jeg synes at man utrolig hurtigt vender sig til menustrukturen og den måde man hele tiden kan bruge kontekst-menuen(menu knappen / langt tryk på skærmen) Styresystemet er virkelig gennemtænkt, og jeg har ikke fundet nogle virkelige mangler endnu. I forhold til at dette er den første version der rammer det danske marked af Android styresystemet, så kan jeg næsten ikke forestille mig hvor meget det kan udvikle sig over de næste år, hvis man tænker i Symbian eller Windows Mobile baner, er der jo sket kæmpe skridt bare de sidste 2-3 år. Allerede nu hører jeg at der kommer stemmestyring til Google Maps, så man bare kan fortælle hvor man skal hen, og så finder telefonen selv adressen.

Responstiden på telefonen er også rigtig fin, den hakker lidt når man bladrer ned gennem lister enten i applikationer eller i menuer – men det med i applikationerne mistænker jeg mest for er fordi den loader listen løbende.

Den endelige afgørelse må lyde på at Android er kommet for at blive, men med en stor figur som Google i ryggen, så var man nok ikke rigtig i tvivl om dette. Jeg glæder mig til at se det med bedre hardware, såsom CPU, RAM og kamera. Det er lidt synd at man stadig sparer på kameraet i disse smartphones, som jo ellers koster mere end de andre modeller som har både 5-8 og 10 Megapixel kameraer.

Til sidst et lille kampråb:
4ndr0id 4ever
🙂 😀