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Get BGinfo working on high resolution screens (Surface Pro 3 maybe?)

I’ve had BGinfo running on my work PCs forever, but since I got the Surface Pro 3 it hasn’t really looked great. Different scenarios, single or multiple monitors, the background picture always seems to get warped into something not pretty. Today I finally did a search to see if anyone got the same issue, and of course there were J

On the Spiceworks forums this showed up:

And with that little tweak in compatibility settings, now everything looks great again.

Changing time/date formatting on Welcome Screen in Windows 10 (and 7/8)

Do you also wonder how to change the format of the time and date on the Welcome screen of Windows 10 to your local format? I’ve installed the English Windows 10 as this is what I’ve worked with the last 10 years or so, but this time I have been mocking around in the settings to find out how to change the format of the time and date on my Welcome Screen. Finally today I figured out what I hadn’t tried J

I’ve looked in the Region “app” of the Control Panel lots of times but today I found the not so obvious, to me at least, place where I change the Welcome screen formatting.

  1. Go to the Start and search for Region (easiest way to find it)


  1. Go to Administrative tab and open Copy settings


  1. Here it shows the current setup and if you mark the bottom option to copy the settings from the current user to the Welcome Screen(which does not belong to a user and therefore is created with the default for the Windows Setup language) the formatting is changed on next logon.



Short non-scientific test of arrays

EMC VNXe3200


Storevirtual VSA configured with NetRaid-10

HP Storevirtual VSA with one host on another 10GB fiber connected physical site, with tier 0 in both SSD and FusionIO


HP Storevirtual VSA with one host on another 10GB fiber connected physical site, with tier 0 only in FusionIO.

Test 1

Test 2

Test 3


Campus Days 2014

So, this year i finally got to go the biggest danish Microsoft-tech conference Campus Days. I have been looking forward to this event for the last couple of months, as I’m not attending many MS events, mostly because they are mostly in other countries, but also previously it’s been hard to find out that there actually were events being held. This has improved lots with just the use of twitter and following the right people (@RasmusHaldDK is a great place to start).

I started my Campus Days a day early and arrived monday evening, I first wanted to be here Monday morning and attend the EWUG meeting at Microsoft DK, but a meeting got in the way unfortunately and had to reschedule. I stayed at WakeUp Copenhagen in Carsten Niebuhrs gade, which was recommended and perfectly placed to get to the conference in Cinemaxx with a 10 minute walk.

Tuesday was kicked of with the great Mary Jo Foley(@maryjofoley) where she did a 5 step walkthrough on the new Microsoft. With her great history on covering Microsoft and her insights, we really got a great view on how big the changes really are inside Microsoft. It seems to mostly be for the best, but she also had a few punches for some of the strategies, mostly the Windows Phone strategy – but she’s not alone on this – a lot of techies/journalists/commentators have been giving MS a lot of heat and suggesting many other ways that MS could attack the mobile market, time will tell if they’ll listen.

My first session was “Exchange 2013 upgrade and Coexistence” with Peter Schmidt(@petsch) and Jakob Østergaard Nielsen from EG. It’s always great to see they faces in real life that you follow online. This was a great session and this made me want to go home and upgrade our current Exchange 2010 setup, so I guess the sessions purpose was a success. It was great the Peter started with an overview and then Jakob went into details afterwards.

Next session was OneDrive for Business, with an MS guy, this was not nearly as technical as I had hoped, I should have maybe known this because of the level 200. We got a roadmap look for OneDrive in 2015, which was great and there’s is lots to look forward to.

The last session of Tuesday was “Performancetuning for the Accidental DBA” with Rasmus Glibstrup(@SQLGuyDK) from it-Craft. I had just found Rasmus on twitter and heard about it-Craft, so was looking forward to this. I’ve been the accidental DBA for quite a while now, and been looking a lot more into SQL than I thought I would ever do, it actually seems like an important area, but for now I’m mostly interested in the infrastructure part of SQL and not so much the coding/querying. This means this was pretty much the perfect fit for Rasmus’ session. He went through the different layers of SQL server and where to look for issues and what could be the cause. He also supplied scripts for our own use and I’m looking forward to trying these at home. Rasmus is a great presenter, funny and knows his stuff – best of all he’s from Jutland! 🙂

Wednesday started with a session from Microsoft about “Migrating from Home Drives and Offline Files to Work Folders and Web Application Proxy” by Craig Forster MS PFE. This was a session that was better than expected – Craig went through setup and configuring Work Folders, and demoed the functionality of Work Folders. He was great at presenting, funny and knew the tech. He double-jinx’ed the demo, so it worked as planned and Powershell scripts were thrown left and right and they all worked as well – to much a surprise to Craig 🙂

Second session was “Lync 2013 Enterprise Voice:Design of Infrastructure” by Jan Fredborg. Great content, a little technical for a non-PBX techie, with a lot of codecs mentions and the likes. I found out a lot and also it was comforting that no-one in the audience seemed to have bad experiences with Lync. This could be a future product when our crap PBX is going to be replaced. We are located in most of Europe and here Lync also seems to have improved with number tampering and other things we’re going to need.

Last session of the day was “What’s new and upcoming with OS Deployment in SCCM and MDT” with Ronni Pedersen(@ronnipedersen) from EG. This was completely new ground for me as I neither do deployment much and when I do it’s not with MS products. Ronni did a great walk through, he started out by showing the hydration kits from, telling everybody how easy it is to set up labs with these – I’m definitely going to have a look at these, I’ve been playing a bit with Powershell Deployment Toolkit from MS and these seems much like that. I unfortunately didn’t get much out of the SCCM demoes as I can’t relate these to anything I’ve seen before – but this is on me and not Ronni. We had lots of questions and Ronni gave his views – he is very straight forward and put a few questions in my head also. I later read that the session went on for 2,5 hours (it should have been 1hr15min) but Ronni said he would stay for as long as there were questions!

After the last session the festivities began! First there was a choice to make, between watching “Dumb Dumber 2” or “The Imitation game”. I chose the latter as the other one seemed more like a family movie I could get to watch with the wife and it also had a great IMDB rating. I must say I wasn’t disappointed, Benedict Cumberbatch is a great actor and the plot with the history of World War 2, was truly great – so I can surely recommend this.

After the movie the venue had been turned into the US around the 1920s, with music, gambling, games and food. It was a little hard to get a conversation going as all attendees were almost all crammed in on one floor and the talk was loud. We got a couple of beers in and moved a little upstairs to be able to talk – and left for the hotel around 9pm.

Tomorrow is the last day, I’m planning to go to the following sessions:
9.00 – 10.15 “Enterprise mode for IE11” or “Lync Enterprise Voice – Do’s and Dont’s”
10.45 – 12.00 “Office 365 -Exchange Hybrid”
13.00 – 14.15 “Architecture for Mobility with EMS”
14.45 – 16.00 “Windows 10:Deployment” or “SCOM i den perfekte verden eller: Få fuldt udbytte af din SCOM installation og indfri dine kollegers forventninger”

First trip to the US

I recently got the opportunity to visit the US for a week, because I had to do a small server room upgrade on our location in California. The trip was OK’ed 1½ week before we left, so I didn’t have the time to get super-too-much-excited, which could have happened because I wanted to see the US my entire life. We planned the trip to last a week, starting Friday, this way we could get the work pretty much done over the weekend. This way we didn’t disturb the users and we could get a little spare time later in the week to go around and play tourist for a couple of days.

Total travel time was:
1,5 hour from Billund (BLL) to Frankfurt (FRA)
10,5 hour from Frankfurt (FRA) to Los Angeles (LAX)

Really didn’t feel as long as I expected, there was lots of entertainment in the in-seat monitor, around 40 movies new and old. I also brought my laptop onboard and was happy to see that Lufthansa offers WiFi the entire flight at €17.

We landed in LA at 1.30pm and waited around half an hour for our US colleague that was coming to pick us up. A little tip, don’t send someone that doesn’t have international calling enabled to pick up international colleagues Smile We found each other through SMS to another US colleague, which who was in contact with the driver.

First days onsite was just a quick visit to pick up the company car we were borrowing. We went straight to the hotel to unpack and relax after a fairly long trip. After a little relax-time, we went to Hooters Restaurant, which was conveniently placed on the same address as our hotel.

We arrived on Halloween Friday, so all the waitresses were dressed up and we had to give our vote for the best, unfortunately Kitty didn’t win Smile There were also a few customers that came dressed up (Grim Reaper, Doctor/Apprentice and a runaway prison inmate) and Grim Reaper won – I wouldn’t have wanted to meet him outside.

Saturday and Sunday we were working at the factory. We had ordered all the new parts on Amazon and saved around 50% compared to list price. When I took apart the HP Gen8 servers, I noticed that we had been a little too cheap when we originally configured them and I was missing the cache module for the Smart Array Controller. Luckily we found it on Ebay and got it ordered with expedited transport and were promised a delivery on Tuesday. The best part was that we got a Synology DS415+ that we were going to use as a destination for Veeam, and because we got this filled up with 3TB drives, I could create a temporary iSCSI datastore for the new VMware hosts, so I could go on with P2Vs that I had planned. It was performing just fine during all the migrations, up until we got Veeam configured and ran the backup job…It completely killed the performance on the VMs.

Another detail that scared me at first when I started the first P2V was that the speed was extremely slow, the servers had been performing fine as far as I had seen, but this was 1MB/sec migration, which was not going to go well when I had several hundred GB to move, so I stopped the first P2V and added another LAN cable and connected it to our new network, this accelerated the performance to around 30-40MB/sec, which I could accept. I found out that the old network switch these servers had been connected to was to blame for this, as all the old servers had this issue.

When Sunday late afternoon arrived, we were done with P2V and migrated all files from old physical file-server to the new virtual, printers were moved and Domain controller switched from physical to virtual. All of this on the Synologys 3x3TB SATA drives. This was OK as a backup solution until the cache module would arrive, luckily the users weren’t heavy users and they weren’t that many.

Both Saturday and Sunday, we visited the Westfield shopping mall in Encinida, where I saw my first Apple Store. This was quite the experience. The shop was bigger than other shops, but there was just always filled with people and the experience buying items was just as WOW as you would expect. The only complaint was that the clerk was selling me a 85$ case for the iPad Air 2, and even though we tried it on and I took it home, I found out that it didn’t fit because Apple moved the volume buttons on the Air 2 compared to the original Air. This was something I didn’t notice when we tried the case on the new Air 2, but I would have thought that an Apple Sales guy should know this difference between generations. After our first trip to Westfield we stopped on the way home at an In-And-Out Burger, I have heard great things about these guys, mostly through following VMworld attendees on twitter Smile I wouldn’t say I was disappointed, as you can only expect a certain gastronomical experience for 5$ worth of burger and fries. All in all it’s just something I had to try and now I have. The second night we found “The Cheesecake factory” restaurant located in the mall and here we got quite another experience with great food and beer from the semi-local Karl Strauss Brewery. We opted for a table outside because we had arrived fairly early and didn’t yet know that the warm weather disappears just as fast as the sunlight, so around 5.30 the temperature goes down fast. This meant it was pretty chilly sitting outside for an hour in our shorts and t-shirts Disappointed smile

Monday we were at the factory, to be there if we somehow missed a setting or anything else – this was afterall a pretty different setup than the PCs had been using on Friday. We got almost no user issues on Monday so we agreed to take Tuesday morning off and just arrive after lunch, to wait for the cache module delivery.

We used Tuesday morning to visit the USS Midway museum in San Diego. This is just a lot bigger than one can imagine! A lot of airplanes was showed off on deck and inside. It was just a great experience and we managed to find our way through the ship.
2014-11-24 16_44_15-WP_20141104_11_55_10_Pro.jpg - Windows Photo Viewer 2014-11-24 16_45_31-WP_20141104_12_12_49_Pro.jpg - Windows Photo Viewer 2014-11-24 16_46_10-WP_20141104_12_23_05_Pro.jpg - Windows Photo Viewer

When we arrived at the factory the cache had arrived and here the power of VMware showed off, with me putting in the new hardware in one server at a time and being able to run 100% without users noticing. After the new hardware was added I was able to build the HP VSA setup and moving the VMs over to the new clustered VSA datastore. All this was done without a single user noticing that their entire infrastructure was “rebuilt” and “moved”.

As the only thing we had to do from then on was migrating from the temporary Synology datastore to the permanent VSA datastore, we didn’t need to be at the factory but could do this from the nearest Starbucks Smile So Wednesday and Thursday were going to be spent outside the office, sightseeing.

Wednesday was our trip to LA, which was the real sightseeing trip, seeing the Hollywood sign from the Griffith Observatory,
2014-11-24 16_39_45-IMG_0164.JPG - Windows Photo Viewer
going to Venice Beach and took a walk on the boardwalk.
2014-11-24 16_48_17-Wunderlist Beta    2014-11-24 16_48_37-Wunderlist Beta2014-11-24 16_48_58-WP_20141105_15_40_12_Panorama.jpg - Windows Photo Viewer

We found out why the local people always referred to things in San Diego in stead, when we asked for sights and places to go, we spent around 4-5 hours on the road because the traffic is dense in LA, very dense!
2014-11-24 16_52_11-WP_20141105_16_28_46_Pro.jpg - Windows Photo Viewer

Thursday was our trip to San Diego, starting in La Jolla with fantastic weather and a great coffee, it was going to be a great day. We went on a walk along and on the beach, where the sea lions acted up as if they’re used to be taken pictures of.
2014-11-24 16_41_54-IMG_0202.JPG - Windows Photo Viewer
From La Jolla we drove to Old Town and enjoyed a bit of old history and sights. From Old town we went to Mission Beach and took a walk here and looked at apartments just off the beach, which were around $100 pr. night, then we went to the nearest Starbucks to get ready for the drive home.

All in all a great experience on what to see in the neighborhood of LA. The weather was amazing and I could get used to that pretty fast!

Friday we went to the factory to turn in the car and get a ride to LAX to fly home. At LAX security they hired a security guy which must be a former Stand Up comedian, he was crazy funny and got people to hear the messages about how the scanners worked and what we should do before and when entering them. This made what is normally a pretty boring experience really fun and quick, big thumbs up to LAX.

The trip home was over Frankfurt and everything went smooth, so arrived on time in Billund and it was great to see the family again!

Få Chrome 64bit til Windows – på engelsk :-)

Den er lidt svær at finde da Google automatisk finder ud af at man gerne vil have den på dansk og den findes stadig kun i 32bit. For at få den nye 64bit skal man have den engelske udgave, den findes her

Install and configure the VNXe3200

Part 2 in my series about my travels with the VNXe3200 from EMC, is what happened after I connected the 4x10Gbit(iSCSI/NFS) and 1Gbit(Management) connections.

I found the management IP in the DHCP, as it’s described on the setup-poster, punched it into a browser and put in the default username/password – ready, set – go!


It recognizes that it’s the first start-up and kicks off the Unisphere Configuration Wizard:

First you accept the EULA:

Change the default password to your own:

Put in the license you received from EMC or your supplier:

Yiha, it worked 🙂

Put in DNS settings:

Add a NTP server, required for Active Directory domain things, so the VNXe’s time doesn’t get skewed from the domain time:

When I saw this warning, I was wondering why it appears in the initial setup. If it’s not able to apply the NTP settings without a reboot, that you’re not allowed to do during the initial setup, why not make it run the NTP setup after the configuration reboots the VNXe…

Now the fun begins, Disk configuration:

First, I configured the FAST Cache, the settings are pre-selected:

A summary, that doesn’t let you change anything and doesn’t really provide anything you didn’t know…

And FAST Cache is created:

And now the FAST Cache is done, it’s time to do the Storage Pools:

Decide for a fitting name and description:

Here the fun begins, first create a Performance tier, which equals use of SAS disks

To save a spare disk, I used 5 out of 6 available SAS disks
Tech guy says Yes! here – always! Though if for use with CIFS shares, probably would put it at No.

Review details and click Finish – first Storage Pool is created.


And done…

As the test unit VNXe has more Flash, I create another Storage Pool:

Extreme Performance tier Storage Pool:
2014-08-20 21_46_08-

As I only have 3 drives and must keep 1 spare, this is the used config:
2014-08-20 21_46_25-OneDrive

Just another info slide, where nothing new is shown:
2014-08-20 21_46_50-OneDrive

And another…
2014-08-20 21_47_05-OneDrive

And it’s doing magic:
2014-08-20 21_47_14-OneDrive

And it’s done:
2014-08-20 21_47_32-OneDrive

Then you’re ready to proceed with the next step in the initial setup, EMC Support registration, here I put in my login for the EMC Support site, it gets accepted, but it fails when trying to set up the connection with EMC.

Sure, sounds great (if it works)

Setup SMTP for notifications and alerts:

Now the connectivity setup begins, configuring the first connection pair:

Doing stuff:

Setup the other interface pair, I only connected 2×2 10Gbit connections, so no more interfaces needs configuration for me:

Now the NAS/NFS server setup:


Here you can only choose one, even though it looks as if both can be selected, should maybe be a drop down box:


DNS Setup:

Verify settings before creation:

Aaaand done:


NFS is ready:

As the NTP service couldn’t be configured, the CIFS option is not availabe before after the first reboot and afterwards the NTP config.

So now it’s ready to finalize the configuration:

After the reboot, a software update for Unisphere was available – as a good IT guy always make sure your stuff is updated 🙂
Select to Obtain the candidate online, and download the newest version from the EMC Support site:

Then select the Upload and browse to the downloaded file and select Upload:

When it’s done, you’ll see both version in the top part of the windows:

Then select to Install Candidate Version and be aware:


And working:








Then I tried to set up the EMC Secure Remote Support option:



I haven’t tried the Live Chat to figure out what isn’t working, but might do that and update this post.


All in all, I’ve got to say, this is the most straight-forward set up I’ve tried on such a unit. “Luckily” almost everything worked, wonder if this crashes – it is web-based – would probably have to open up some SSH or IPMI… 🙂

Unboxing of the EMC VNXe3200

So, after a month of waiting – the big box from EMC finally arrived!


For those not following me (@danevald) on twitter, I was fortunate enough to receive 1 of 10 VNXe3200 units that Chad Sakac of EMC put out for a Summer “Give-away” on his blog, to have in house for 8 months of testing and playing around with.

EMC VNXe3200 front

I’ve never played with a unit from EMC before, so I was pretty stoked to get this opportunity.

My company is currently searching for the future standard unit for our remote offices and factories. To be fair we don’t have high-performance demands for these sites, we are just searching for a simple to manage and great performing device for something between 5-15 VMware VMs, these could be DCs, application-servers and maybe a simple SQL server or the like. An important factor when we’ll select the future standard will of course be cost and checking out some of the standard bundles of VNXe3200 we weren’t scared, but at some point during the test, I’ll have to get a more exact price for this unit.

I will save the post-installation setup for a separate post, I saved a screenshot from every step – for me to remember what I did and also to display how easy it actually is to get the VNXe up and running and ready for play.

At first sight, the setup poster and documentation are created for ease of installation and should be OK for a remote helper get it set up into a rack and get it connected, so that a remote technician can set up the unit, when it’s connected.

Here are a few more pictures of the unit:
Back, with only 1 Storage Processor:

Storage Processor Unit (1 of 2)

EMC Setup Poster:


E744 – quick glance

I’ve had the opportunity to get my fingers on the new Fujitsu Lifebook E744.
As an update to the E743, the E744 is much like the E743 in design but the hardware has been updated to 4th generation Core i-series(Intel Haswell)

This series of 13,14 and 15″ models, share almost anything but screen size and the ports that have been put on the outside of the chassis.
You can use the same port replicators, modular bays(2nd battery or harddrive and a few other accessory options) and AC adaptor.

I’ve had this for just a few hours and I have already got an opionion on what I think about the design – for starters, the model I am using is an i7
model (i7-4600M) and this I am aware is part of the reason that I think it is too noisy when I am working on battery. It has a distinct noise coming from
the CPU fan, which I don’t think I would be OK with for a permanent solution. I would hope that using an i5 CPU instead, would make this noise
go away. Even just having notepad and Windows Update running, can make it go from “idle”-noisy mode to spinning up significantly, which just increases
the noise and makes it not OK. I found that running absolutely no applications, will turn the fan off and then the noise is gone – but that’s hopefully not how people are using this laptop…

Here is an example

The keyboard I am enjoying quite a lot, coming from an old Lifebook S762 model, this new style with spaces between the keys is working great, which
is probably why so many vendors adopted to this design over the last few years. Although as can be seen on the picture of my keyboard, after only an hour or so active typing, it already has
moisture stains from my fingers, this could and will probably result in the letters disappearing from the keys over the 3-4 year use period, such a laptop like this should get. This I am looking
forward to seeing if it happens in “real life” usage. Fujitsu has managed to not let any letters out on the keyboard layout and did not put any keys in weird places like some vendors do.

As I’ve only worked on the screen for a few hours, I can’t go into details about the quality, other than I think it’s the same make as the previous E7x3 model, and again coming
from the S762 13″ 1368×768 this is a great improvement for me personally. The viewing angle and colors seem fine to me.


The speakers are on top of the keyboard, and as an office laptop this is probably not the most important part to many, but it has fair sound.

Here is an example:

Regarding battery time I think it will get around 3-4 hours working actively, but I am not sure about this as it went a lot up and down in just the first couple of hours I was working on it.

As always, if you have any questions, please leave a comment and I’ll try to get back to you.

Lumia 1520 efter 14 dage

Nu har jeg haft Nokia Lumia 1520 som primær arbejdstelefon i 14 dage og synes derfor at jeg lige ville skrive et par ord om den. Det er en KÆMPE mobil, selvom Nokia klassificerer den som en stor mobil er der ganske enkelt tale om en phablet. Den kategori synes jeg man kommer i hvis det er fysisk umuligt at betjene den med én hånd, til fx at skrive en sms eller taste en web adresse.

Når det så er sagt, så er det en rigtig fed phablet – jeg bruger primært mine mobiler til at læse på, enten sociale medier twitter, facebook eller Google+(dog er Google+ ikke forsøgt på Windows Phone, da det kun er muligt via Internet Explorer og det magter jeg ikke at logge ind igennem hver gang bl.a. fordi jeg har 2 faktor sikkerhed på min google konto, hvilket betyder jeg skal både finde min Samsung Note 3 og Lumia 1520eren frem – så er det lidt hurtigere og mere praktisk bare at benytte den meget fine app på android) ellers læser jeg artikler gennem Pocket( eller arbejdsrelaterede mails. Til mit læsebehov må jeg sige at jeg er meget tilfredt,

Indmaden i Lumia 1520 gør at alt hvad man smider efter den bare sker med det samme.Windows  Phone 8 gør helt sikkert sit til at alt bare kør, det har tidligere ikke været et problem med hastigheden, nu går det bare endnu hurtigere. Mine tidligere erfaringer med WP8 stammer fra Lumia 820/920, HTC 8X og Samsungs ATIV S.

Det evigt tilbage spørgsmål omkring apps synes jeg ikke er relevant længere, nu synes jeg ikke længere jeg mangler noget, det eneste jeg synes er synd er at mange apps tydeligvis kunne kodes bedre. At Facebook app’en ikke er blevet hverken hurtigere/pænere eller bedre er synd. Det er vel verdens mest benyttede app på alle andre platforme – og selvom MS har integreret mange af funktionerne, så er oplevelsen bare for dårlig. Jeg forstår ikke man skal se de 5 glidende punktummer i toppen af skærmen, hvorfor kan tingene ikke enten ske eller foregå lige så hurtigt som på andre platforme? Jeg synes et glimrende eksempel på hvordan det kan gøres er hvis man kigger på Twitters app – for det første tog det enormt lang tid inden de ankom på Windows Phone, da de så ankom var appen værre end slem. Det var grimt design og notifikationer virkede meget dårligt. På 1 1/2 år er det rykket helt vildt, selvfølgelig er design vurderingen min egen, men notifikationer ringer nu næsten før på Lumiaen end på Note3. Jeg begriber ikke at Microsoft ikke lige spænder design skruen 4 gange og så kopierer oplevelsen fra de andre platforme? Ja, det er MS selv der publicerer FB appen, de har et lille ejerskab i FB som de velsagtens kunne bruge til at presse noget design og kodehjælp ud fra FBs udviklings appen.

En anden app der for nyligt er blevet væsentligt forbedret er Evernote – jeg kan ikke gennemskue om det er på grund af hardware, men designet har også ændret sig.

Den afsluttende konklusion vil være at hvis denne telefon skal være noget for dig er det fordi at du som jeg vil bruge den rigtig meget som læse-device. Jeg finder den gerne frem i stedet for min Note3 hvis mit primære formål er læsning og det siger ikke så lidt da den for 4 måneder fuldstændigt afskaffede mit behov for at bruge familiens iPad på grund af dens fine skærm.

Med de nyligt publicerede leaks og info omkring Windows Phone 8.1, med 500 nye features og igen et kæmpe skridt mht. funktioner der mangler i forhold til de andre mobil OS, glæder jeg mig rigtig meget til at bruge Lumia 1520 endnu mere.