Update Huawei Honor 7 to Android Marshmallow (6.0)

After a few month of waiting on the OTA update for marshmallow from Huawei, I finally discovered through an answer on twitter to another Scandinavian guy from @honoreu – that in Scandinavia they don’t provide the update OTA, but you have to manually update via a file from their german support site:


When you unzip this, there’s a “dload/update.app” folder/file that needs to be placed at the root of an SD-card and then through the EMUI updater application, you choose Local update, then it will find the file and update to Android Marshmallow in about 10-20 minutes, first parts of the update ended with a “post-process failed” error and then booted in to the upgrade optimizing part and then the update was done.

After a few updates and a little getting settled time, the phone seemed OK, I did a reboot just to clean up and everything seems to run fine.