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Get BGinfo working on high resolution screens (Surface Pro 3 maybe?)

I’ve had BGinfo running on my work PCs forever, but since I got the Surface Pro 3 it hasn’t really looked great. Different scenarios, single or multiple monitors, the background picture always seems to get warped into something not pretty. Today I finally did a search to see if anyone got the same issue, and of course there were J

On the Spiceworks forums this showed up:

And with that little tweak in compatibility settings, now everything looks great again.

Changing time/date formatting on Welcome Screen in Windows 10 (and 7/8)

Do you also wonder how to change the format of the time and date on the Welcome screen of Windows 10 to your local format? I’ve installed the English Windows 10 as this is what I’ve worked with the last 10 years or so, but this time I have been mocking around in the settings to find out how to change the format of the time and date on my Welcome Screen. Finally today I figured out what I hadn’t tried J

I’ve looked in the Region “app” of the Control Panel lots of times but today I found the not so obvious, to me at least, place where I change the Welcome screen formatting.

  1. Go to the Start and search for Region (easiest way to find it)


  1. Go to Administrative tab and open Copy settings


  1. Here it shows the current setup and if you mark the bottom option to copy the settings from the current user to the Welcome Screen(which does not belong to a user and therefore is created with the default for the Windows Setup language) the formatting is changed on next logon.



Windows 10 Mail-app thinks it’s on Windows Phone 10 OS?

I have an Exchange installation where I get a notification for all new devices that tries to connect, through the Exchange Quarantine functionality. Tonight I noticed a user tried to connect his Windows Mail Universal app, which can do ActiveSync(like the older version), but the newest version on Windows 10 now “mistakenly” reports the device OS to be Windows Phone 10.0.240, which is the RTM version of Windows 10 for PCs, build 10240 has not been released in to the Windows Phone Insider program as it had a serious bug. The curious thing is that on the Insider program we now in Windows Phone 10 get “Outlook Mail” as the mail-client application builtin…so the universal part…hmmm… 🙂

Not a big thing, but still funny and maybe we finally start seeing more Windows Phone OS connection in Exchange 😉

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