Upgrading the Surface Pro 3 from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 Build 9956 Enterprise client

So yesterday morning, I got the crazy idea to just in-place upgrade my work Surface Pro 3 from Win8.1 to the newest available Windows 10 build, 9926.


The upgrade process itself went more than smooth, it was just next,next – wait,wait – an hour later I think, it was ready to log in, still on the AD domain, desktop and apps are still installed and so far, all I’ve seen from the applications is Outlook, the re-ran the MSI-setup for 5 seconds on first start-up.

The first couple of hours were tough 🙂 The graphics driver for the Surface Pro 3 was missing, and manually trying to point Device manager to the files didn’t help. These files are for Windows 8.1 and couldn’t auto-detect. Finally I found a forum post, telling me that, of course, this could be fixed with WSUS. I remembered that my Win 8.1 had a few issues on the last firmware update a week or so ago. Because we are running an internal WSUS server, I needed to delete that key completely in registry:


Less might have done the job, I tried to delete a few strings first and didn’t help, so ended up deleting it all and that got me in touch with Microsofts WSUS servers. Here I was offered a System Firmware update from 22/1/2015 and the first normal wsus-update for the technical preview.

After applying these, my graphics got up to speed and after a few hours, where I’m guessing Windows 10 is building up Prefetch and Onedrive and the likes, the PC has been running great and speedy. I was really in doubt these first few hours, if I should just do a complete reinstall, and I still think this is always the best idea, because the CPU was running at 50% constantly on system processes, resulting in the Surface’s fan to run all the time.

After the first 24 hours, here are my found issues:

  • Cisco Anyconnect SSL VPN, needs to be at version 3.1.05182
  • Internet Explorer, wouldn’t work, until I went into Internet Options and disabled all add-ons, started up IE it worked, and afterwards I enabled all add-ons one by one, and now IE works…go figure…?
  • I have to get used to new message functionality, where system messages (e.g. “Firewall is disabled, do something”) and applications opens up there also, like Outlook New-Email notification.


  • Gestures:
    • Swipe 3 fingers across the touchpad, it brings up the ALT+TAB functionality and switches between open windows.
    •  Swipe 3 fingers downwards on the touchpad minimizes all open windows. Upwards brings them up again.
    • Swipe 2 fingers up or down equals scrolling.


Let me know if you want to know something specific or have me test something for you, I’ll be happy to help! 🙂