Unboxing of the EMC VNXe3200

So, after a month of waiting – the big box from EMC finally arrived!


For those not following me (@danevald) on twitter, I was fortunate enough to receive 1 of 10 VNXe3200 units that Chad Sakac of EMC put out for a Summer “Give-away” on his blog, to have in house for 8 months of testing and playing around with.

EMC VNXe3200 front

I’ve never played with a unit from EMC before, so I was pretty stoked to get this opportunity.

My company is currently searching for the future standard unit for our remote offices and factories. To be fair we don’t have high-performance demands for these sites, we are just searching for a simple to manage and great performing device for something between 5-15 VMware VMs, these could be DCs, application-servers and maybe a simple SQL server or the like. An important factor when we’ll select the future standard will of course be cost and checking out some of the standard bundles of VNXe3200 we weren’t scared, but at some point during the test, I’ll have to get a more exact price for this unit.

I will save the post-installation setup for a separate post, I saved a screenshot from every step – for me to remember what I did and also to display how easy it actually is to get the VNXe up and running and ready for play.

At first sight, the setup poster and documentation are created for ease of installation and should be OK for a remote helper get it set up into a rack and get it connected, so that a remote technician can set up the unit, when it’s connected.

Here are a few more pictures of the unit:
Back, with only 1 Storage Processor:

Storage Processor Unit (1 of 2)

EMC Setup Poster: