Tomtom Multi-sport watch

I’ve had the TomTom Multi-sport watch for almost a week now and I’ve done a run and a few bike rides with it.
It is truly the simplest interface I can imagine for a watch that connects to heart rate belt and speed/cadence sensor, when these are turned on on the watch, it is simply pressing 2 times to the right on the joystick and then you’re good to go.

The PC interface to it is also very easy to set up and get what you need from. I am uploading my workouts to and exporting the workout to a .tcx file to be able to import it into Endomondo, which has been my preferred tracker for a long time. The reason I am also uploading to TomTom is that all metrics that the watch can record are shown here, some features like showing heart rate zones pr. workout is a premium feature in Endomondo and I don’t feel like I need the extended feature set that premium brings at a cost.

I’ve had small issues with the set up of the watch. First set up seemed to be fine and updated the firmware, but suddenly the clock was off by years and time shortly after…This corrected itself by connecting/syncing the watch with the PC. The workout I did, had the correct date/time anyway, so I don’t know exactly what happened here.

Next issue came when I set up the speed/cadence sensor, it wouldn’t connect to the watch. The sensor icon on the watch was flashing and that meant no connection. After a quick search, this apparently seemed to be a standard issue, that was solved with a factory reset of the watch, through the PC software. This was a 5 minute thing, but after this I noticed that things changed in the interface, so I am not sure that the before mentioned firmware update ever was applied to the watch. Now when I do a bike ride, I have to hold the left-button down for a few seconds when pausing and stopping a workout, before this was just a one-click thing.

Today when I synchronized the latest workouts everything went smooth until I disconnected the watch, it just showed the charging screen on the watch and this didn’t go away…again this was solved by simply connecting the watch to the sync again and then disconnecting, then everything was fine.

I hope these issues will stop happening because this is a really nice watch and the pricing is hard to better with any other watch that has the same feature set. Be sure to buy the complete bundle, this is the only version which has the altimeter built-in, Tomtom does a really poor job on showing that this is only in this version as the watch is otherwise completely the same as the other Multi-sport versions.

I am eagerly awaiting the Android app that is coming later this year hopefully and also maybe a direct integration with the Endomondo website.

Let me know if you have any questions about the watch and I will be happy to answer them.