Windows Phone importing photos failed with Google Auto Backup installed

I have been having some issues over a period of time. When connecting my Windows Phone (Lumia 1520) to my Windows 8.1 laptop, it would not import the pictures automatically, saying that the resource is already in use. I wasn’t giving it much thought, but since it has been contionously making this error, I decided it had to be a real issue and not just temporary…

I have installed the Google Auto Backup to Google Photos from Google, as I use Google Photos with my Android and like the auto awesome features and gallery feature from Google Photos. As this application is monitoring the Pictures library/folder in Windows, it creates a lock on the file as soon as it is created, so that the import tool cannot close the file and move on to the next. To prevent this, simply right-click the Auto backup icon in the system tray and pause the “backup” monitor, I have the menu text in danish, so would make much sense to show the menu, but it’s the top action in the menu.

After pausing, simply connect the Windows Phone or retry the import in the built-in Windows Phone application.