Fujitsu H710 laptop review

I’ve recently replaced my faithful “old” work-laptop, the HP 2540p – with a new Fujitsu Celsius H710 workstation-grade laptop. It’s pretty nice spec’ed, with the new Sandy Bridge i5-2540M 2,60Ghz, 8GB DDR3-ram, 1GB Nvidia Quadro 1000M and a 160GB Intel 320 series SSD. The monitor is 1920×1080 Full HD which was my primary reason to upgrade from the 12” 2540p(1280×800). Doing a lot of remoting daily it’s a little easier when you have the complete remote screen available. Also doing some virtual machines, the more RAM and the quad-core will be nice. Doing the default benchmark in x64 Windows 7, result in this:


Wouldn’t imagine that a 1GB graphics card would pull the number down Smile should remember to say that the memory test was done with 4GB and the SSD disk controller is in Compatible mode and not AHCI(sorry, my bad)

On the design point, Fujitsu still has a looooong way to go. The laptop feels 2000’ish in design, the dock is a piece of plastic with ports on it… But the technology is not missing a thing and to my knowledge the pricing also makes Fujitsu attractive.