Small note for migrations from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010

When migrating users from Exchange 2003, they apparently have no language settings set on their mailbox. This can be a problem because among others NDR messages are created with a default language, which is not always the correct if you have multiple languages in your organization. To set the language you should use the following powershell command: Set-Mailbox –Identity “Username” –Languages da-DK (Culture code for all languages can be found here: I had the need in my case to apply this based on Organizational Units in AD – but not all users in the OUs have been migrated, so I needed a parameter to only select the Exchange 2010 mailboxes – to do this I used the following command:
get-mailbox –OrganizationalUnit “domain.local/OU-name/Userfolder” –RecipientTypeDetails “UserMailbox” | Set-Mailbox –Languages da-DK

The RecipientTypeDetails “Usermailbox” parameter guarantees me that it is only Exchange 2010 migrated users.