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Virtual machine failing with STOP 0x0000007F error after upgrading VMtools.

Came quite unexpected, and the machine also had a failing office 2010 installation runnning twice on top of each other, so there was a lot of reasons to why the machine failed after the reboot. But after trying a lot of troubleshooting, I first upgraded the virtual hardware from version 4 to 7 – then I could get into safe mode and run a checkdisk. This didn’t fix the problem, but after this I was able to get a look at the exact STOP error and this led me to Microsoft supportsite, saying it could be either defunct RAM or if you are trying to run the CPU at a higher clock speed than it’s intended to. This being a virtual machine gave these errors a couple of doable solutions. I set the CPU to the same Reserved and Limited megahertz, not sure this puts the machine at the specified speed but anyway… Also I changed the RAM-size, just to get that rewritten in the .vmx file also. After this the machine booted on the first try. The Office installation is still defunct but thats got nothing to do with the STOP error.

Update: Seems it can still stall the machine, but changing RAM size makes it reboot fine…

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