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How to mount NFS datastore from Synology Diskstation to ESXi

First be sure that the NFS service is running on the Synology



Either use an existing shared folder or create a new one for the NFS data:

(I am marking the “Hide this shared folder in “My Network Places” to not show it to other users)

I will make admin able to connect through CIFS for easy recovery-jobs

Open the NFS Privileges dialog – Create

Type in your ESXi/ESX host ip(NFS kernel ip) and make it read/write

Now setup on the Synology Diskstation is done – continue on to the ESXi host through the vSphere Client(or vCenter):
Under the tab Configuration, select Storage and press Add Storage…

Select Network File System –>


Server is the ip or dns-name of the Synology, Folder is the path to the NFS-folder which will be /volume1/”folder name” here /volume1/NFS and click Next, verify and click Finish

Now there is an NFS datastore available for the ESXi host

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