Systools pstupgrade

This post is going to be in english, as it then will be available for search for all. A little documentation of ones work never hurts, when one encounter a problem and find a solution.

I had a problem where I got a bunch of mailboxes extracted from an Exchange 2007 mailserver, and I needed to get them into Exchange 2003. Sounds easy with the use of Exmerge, but I found it a bit of a hazzle. Because Exmerge on Exchange 2003 only reads the older .pst file-format ANSI and not the newer Unicode thats used by Outlook 2003/2007. The solution was found when I discovered the above mentioned application. It converts the newer format to the old format, and then enables Exmerge to import the pst-file into the mailboxes. I just had one problem, when trying to convert the files – the application kept on closing down whenever I tried to open a file. But after being in contact with their 24/7 support through Skype Chat, I found that (off course) you need an Outlook profile on the PC/Server that runs the conversion. It does not need to be a working profile, it just needs to be there.